Gambling in Senegal

There are no real online gambling laws in Senegal, therefore there are no online gambling licenses available. Consequently, there are no promoted Senegalese online casinos either. However, there are several bricks and mortar casinos in the city of Dakar. This is the only place you will find a casino complex. It’s usually connected to a hotel and restaurant venue. Dakar itself is well known as a key business hub in Senegal.  The area attracts tourism too due to its close proximity to many beaches.

The casino games rooms and slot machine areas are open to both tourists and nationals. Live poker tournaments are also highly popular in these casino venues. Tournaments are open to all entrants of legal age. There seems to be an unsaid understanding that despite the Muslim majority faith in Senegal, it’s ok to gamble if the individual wishes to. Or rather there is no punishment if they do so.

National lottery

The national lottery in Senegal is run by Loterie Nationale Senegalaise (LONASE). Established in 1966, the lottery has become hugely popular around the country. Scratch cards and tickets for the televised lottery game “Telemillions” are sold in shops nation-wide.  Since 1987, the lottery has been completely state owned. Ticket sales help support a number of social outreach and improvement programs such as youth education, sports, health care and culture. You must be over 18 to play the Senegalese National Lottery.

Horse Racing in Senegal

Horse racing is a massively popular past time and betting opportunity. Senegal is a former French colony, and as such as a history with Pari Mutuel betting on horse races. Pari Mutuel betting works on the basis that there is a betting pool where those who bet on the horses winning in the first three places share the prize pool (less betting operator fees). This is the only type of horse race betting permitted, though it’s possible to bet on the outcome of more than 3 winning places.

Virtual horse betting is also legal. LONASE partnered with SENEJEUX to offer fixed odds, virtual horseracing playable in betting shop terminals. Greyhound racing and virtual football are also available. These games are also available to play in an app, with betting opportunities available around the clock.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are not legal in Senegal. However, there are no penalties for Senegalese players who gamble with international online casino providers. You may be able to find a suitable online casino on a top 10 list such as on Casinos Jungle.

The key issue may be in finding a casino to accept XOF, however if you are able to play in dollars or in crypto currency such as Bitcoin, the options are limitless! Be aware that currency exchange will incur a fee and it may not be favorable. Shop around for the best rate and use a reputable e-wallet. Check user reviews! You’ll get some good insight from other users. It is also possible to buy prepaid vouchers and cards to avoid using an e-wallet altogether.

Gambling falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economics and Finance. The main Act regarding online gaming is the Act of the Protection of Senegalese Consumers in Electronic Commerce.  This neither prohibits Senegal nationals from gambling with overseas operators, not does it penalize those operators.  Due to the growing popularity of such games, particularly mobile slots, it seems likely that eventually some formal legalization will occur. Ultimately enabling taxation of gaming revenue.

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